Lux Divon is a live electronic hybrid band based around Ableton Live. Stylistically polygamy is the best way to describe Lux Divon. Rooted deep in Trip Hop and Dub but Pulling influence from a multitude of styles including Dubstep, Ambient, Jungle, DnB, Breakbeats, Hip Hop, Acid Jazz. Glitch and more.

Jimmy Allison, Ableton instructor extraordinaire, and multi-instrumentalist is an avid controllerist, bass player, and producer.  Carrie Allison, vocalist & producer, flute player, and ultimate harmonizer, started playing music in the 6th grade, the clarinet.  Her love for songwriting utilizing the piano took her into the mesmerizing world of  the beginning.  She didn’t discover the wonders of being a singer until forming Lux Divon.  Now it is her main instrument of choice 😉  The initial desire to write song into form, later evolved into Lux Divon after meeting Jimmy a.k.a. Rentak.  The two met in Summer of 2006, over coffee to talk about starting a music project.  They would find, music, and a spark that created the marriage and duo that is Lux Divon.  Around 2010 Robert Artebury joined the group, Scratch DJ, giving a wonderful addition to the group’s stage show & recordings.  Their next official release is due out November 2012.